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Paradise Breezes

Entrance to Paradise Breezes

Your tree lined, paved and lit private gated access to our community 

Paradise Breezes is a community of privately owned luxury villas and luxury amenities.

Phase One

Encompasses approximately 10 acres situated on what is known as the ‘first ridge’ which is the mountainside immediately facing the Pacific and closest to the beach offering unparalleled wide-Pacific white-water views. White water means you can see the white caps of the waves crash on the beach! Each villa sits on no less than 5000 sq. meters (53,000+ sq. feet) of lush primary forest which has been carefully preserved and enhanced to provide spectacular views, maintain privacy, and wildlife viewing. Only 2 lots in this section remains unsold.

Phase 2 and 3

Currently in development, is over 125 acres and consists of 30 planned homesites with mountain and ‘blue water’ views of the Pacific. There are a limited number of ‘first ridge’ lots in phase two with incredible wide-Pacific views and mountain valley views that will take your breath away! Each site as in phase one, is no less than 5000sq. meters (53,000 sq. feet) , many are substantially more. As with phase one, careful conservation provides complete privacy and maintains the region’s wildlife habitats so that you can experience what Costa Rica is all about. Phase 3 is destined to be a conservation area to guarantee the wildlife and biodiversity that Costa Rica represents.


If you are interested in becoming an owner in Paradise Breezes, please contact us 


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